Wiggum House
Wiggum House Final



Level Required


Characters Unlocked

Ralph Wiggum


Cash200, XP20

Collection Time

12 hours



Building Time

24 hours


This Little Wiggy Pt.1


Investigating Where The Remote Is

The Wiggum House is a residential building which unlocks at Level 26. The first task in the This Little Wiggy task chain requires you to build the Wiggum House for $58500. Upon completion of the building, you will unlock Ralph Wiggum, Clancy Wiggum's son. From there, he will appear continuously in the rest of the quest line. The Wiggum House was released in February 2013 along with El Chemistri and the Level 26 update.


The Wiggum House is the residence of the Wiggum family, and owned by Clancy & Sarah Wiggum. It is located at 732 Evergreen Terrace, and is next to the Hibbert's House. It has Green exterior walls and five shrubs outside. It has a large garage on the right side of the house, and has only one floor.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Ralph Wiggum

  • Celebrate His Birthday Again - 12h

Seymour Skinner

  • Crash at Wiggum House - 12h (Single Use)



  • The Wiggum House and Level 26 were accidentally released in January 2013 along with the original Valentine's Day Update. The Level 26 buildings were quickly removed from the game for a later release on February 14, 2013. Some of the players who received the Level 26 update early were unable to play the game until its official release in February 2013.
  • The Wiggum House is different to all other houses in the way that it does not have 'Income Tax' as the building action. Furthermore, all other houses display a gold cash symbol when they are ready to be collected but the Wiggum House displays a wad of cash. However, this was rectified with the release of the Squidport Expansion.
  • In the files, the Wiggum House was originally going to be released during/around the Christmas Event. This is because an unreleased Christmas facade for the house was in the files but never could be put into the game. An image can be found above of the Wiggum House with decorations; it was retreived from the games files.

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