Peter is sitting at his workplace in Pawtucket Brewery...

  • Angela: Griffin! Get to work, I want all of these documents completed by tomorrow, you hear me?
  • Peter: Hm, you know Angela, you look very pretty today.
  • Angela: You still have to complete those documents, Griffin.

Angela leaved the room...

  • Peter: Who does she think she is bossing people around like that? I'm not bringing her back until Level 22! I'll show her... Where is that guy from the other game?
  • Homer: You mean me?
  • Peter: Yeah, you. Do you think you can blow up this town too?
  • Homer: Meh, sure. Just as long as I don't have to clean up this town like I did with Springfield. It took ages, but luckily Lisa was there to help me!
  • Peter: I have Meg... I am now having second thoughts about this...
  • Homer: Too late, the town is going to explode in about 5 seconds!
  • Peter: Right, will anyone be hurt? I don't want to get in any trouble again like I did for blowing up that Children's Hospital.
  • Homer: Don't worry, it's a game, no-one gets hurt!

The explosion occurs and a wideshot shows the buildings of the town disperse outwards along with the characters, much alike the introduction to The Simpsons: Tapped Out.


Below are the two main types of currency used in Family Guy: Tapped Out.

  • CashCash - It is the most common curreny in the game, and can be collected in a wide variety of ways.
  • ClamiconClams - They can either be bought or collected, and the player will receive either one or two clams upon leveling up, depending on the level. They are the games premium currency.


Name Character(s) Unlocked Cost Requirements
Griffin House Lois Cash425 Level 1
Quagmire's House Quagmire Cash835 Level 2
Stop 'N Shop Cash1150 Level 3
The Brine Robert Kimble Clamicon70 Level 3
Quahog Mini-Mart Carl Cash1700 Level 4
Green House Cash1350 Level 4
Swanson's House Joe Cash2600 Level 5
Crimson House Cash1950 Level 6
Herbert's House Herbert Clamicon100 Level 1
James Woods Regional High School Chris Cash3900 Level 7
Cleveland's Old House Cash3750 Level 7

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