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    Peter is sitting at his workplace in Pawtucket Brewery...

    • Angela: Griffin! Get to work, I want all of these documents completed by tomorrow, you hear me?
    • Peter: Hm, you know Angela, you look very pretty today.
    • Angela: You still have to complete those documents, Griffin.

    Angela leaved the room...

    • Peter: Who does she think she is bossing people around like that? I'm not bringing her back until Level 22! I'll show her... Where is that guy from the other game?
    • Homer: You mean me?
    • Peter: Yeah, you. Do you think you can blow up this town too?
    • Homer: Meh, sure. Just as long as I don't have to clean up this town like I did with Springfield. It took ages, but luckily Lisa was there to help me!
    • Peter: I have Meg... I am now having second thoughts about this.…

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