Town Hall



Level unlocked


Characters unlocked



Look out for vandals!


10 x 8

Time to build

24 hours


Re-Elect mayor Quimby Pt.2

Springfield Town Hall is a non-premium Level 20 building which unlocks Mayor Quimby. It was priced at $63000, but later received a price reduction, and dropped to $48500. At the time of the game's initial launch, it was the last building to be unlocked. It is the only Level 20 building. 


Springfield Town Hall is located at the Springfield Town Square. It is where town meetings are held to discuss various issues, including taxing and improving Springfield. It is a very large building with a domed roof, and is in front of the Jebediah Springfield Statue in the Town Square.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Hank Scorpio

  • Deliver Ultimatum to G8 Nations - 60m

Mayor Quimby

  • Give a Speech - 60m
  • Write Book on Ethics - 12h

Bumblebee Man

  • Commenco El Divorco - 12h

Hans Moleman

  • Rule Underground Land of the Mole People - 60m

Fat Tony

  • Collect Construction Kickbacks - 8h

Abraham Lincoln

  • Give a Public Address - 4h

Miss Springfield

  • Open an Event - 60m


  • The Town Hall was the last building which could be built with the game's initial release, and also the most expensive.
  • The Town Hall only had jobs for Quimby, Moleman and Hank Scorpio to start with, but then other characters added in later updates had new jobs there.

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