Reverend Timothy Lovejoy


Rev. Lovejoy

Level required


Unlocked at

First Church of Springfield

Number of Jobs


Premium character?



Churchy Joes

Voiced by

Harry Shearer

Are you there, player? It's me Lovejoy.
―Rev. Lovejoy's unlock message.

Reverend Timothy Lovejoy is a character in the category Churchy Joes. He is unlocked upon completion of the First Church of Springfield.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Reverend Timothy Lovejoy, Jr., also known as Rev. Lovejoy, is the local Reverend in Springfield. Rev. Lovejoy is sometimes seen with a Catholic Priest's cassock. He is a Man of God and a marriage counselor. It is revealed that he may be friends with Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky because they do a radio show together about religion called Gabbin' about God. His biggest competitors are the NFL, warm beds on a Sunday morning, and cable.

He describes how he initially came to Springfield an eager, idealistic young man in the seventies, only to become cynical and disillusioned about his flock and ministry, mostly due to Ned Flanders, who constantly pesters him with such non-emergencies as coveting his own wife. Lovejoy would dispatch such concerns with maximum brevity so that he could return to playing with his model trains (his true passion), and in one case, his dessert. He wrote a book called Hell: It's Not Just for Christians Anymore and a pamphlet called Satan's Boners.

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Job Name Income Experience Time Requires
Walk the Dog Cash70 XP17 60m
Perform Last Rites Cash175 XP45 4h Retirement Castle
Ride 1:5 Scale Train Cash250 XP60 6h
Comfort Inmates Cash275 XP75 8h Springfield Penitentiary
Give A Sermon Cash350 XP100 12h First Church of Springfield
Counsel Couples Cash600 XP150 24h First Church of Springfield


When Selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job

"Dear Lord..."

"Uh!" "Let us pray..."
"Mmm..." "There you go"


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