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Snake Jailbird



Level required


Unlocked at

Springfield Penitentiary

Number of Jobs


Premium character?




Choice unlock. Thanks a, like, million.
―Snake's unlock message.

Snake Jailbird is a non- premium character in the Villians collection. He is unlocked upon building Springfield Penitentiary.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Chester "Snake" Turley, or Snake Jailbird, also known as Professor Jailbird and Detention Bird, is a recidivist criminal, always getting arrested, but rarely appearing to stay in prison. He speaks with a "Valley Boy" accent. He is partial to fast cars and fast women, and has a knack for reckless abandon. In a documentary by Declan Desmond showing the pasts of several Springfield citizens, a 13-year-old Snake is called "Detention Bird" by a 16-year-old Clancy Wiggum. Snake referred to himself as "Professor Jailbird;" it was also revealed that he was formerly an idealistic Indiana Jones-type archaeologist, until Moe stole the Mayan gold coins that Snake had discovered and was going to donate to the museum, so he decided to take his revenge out on society (convenience stores). Snake also has a son named Jeremy. It is stated that Snake had previously spent time in a juvenile facility, suggesting he was a criminal before being an archaeologist.

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Job Income Experience Requires Time
Comb Your Bitchin' Hair Cash3 XP 45s
Rob the Kwik E Mart Cash70 XP17 Kwik-E-Mart 60m
Rob Krusty Burger Cash175 XP45 Krusty Burger 4h
Con Money From Old People Cash275 XP70 Retirement Castle 8h
Pose For A Police Lineup Cash420 XP100 Police Station 12h
Serve Time Cash600 XP150 Springfield Penitentiary 24h


When Selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
"I'm gonna like totally waste you." "Dude that's harsh." "Hah Hah!"


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