Simpson House



Level unlocked


Characters unlocked

Lisa Simpson


Cash3, XP1

Waiting time

45 seconds



Time to build

6 seconds


Square One


Income Tax

The Simpson House is the first building that the player builds in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is mandatory to be built in order to complete the tutorial. It cannot be stored. Lisa Simpson is unlocked upon finishing this building. Every Simpson family members except for Bart has at least one job to be done here.


Located at 742 Evergreen Terrace, the Simpson House is the residence of the Simpson family, and owned by Homer Simpson. A real-life replica of the house was constructed at in Henderson, Nevada as part of a contest in 1997. The Flanders House, during original placement in the tutorial, is located to the left of the house.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Homer Simpson

  • Way Over Sleep for a Power Nap - 4h
  • Watch Monkey Trauma Center Marathon - 24h

Lisa Simpson

  • Do Next Week's Homework - 24h

Marge Simpson

  • Read 'Chores' Magazine - 45s
  • Clean the House - 3h

Abraham Simpson

  • Tell Stories on the Couch - 60m
  • Babysit Bart and Lisa - 12h

Fat Tony

  • Hole up in Simpsons Basement - 5h

Mr. Plow

  • Wear Jacket to Bed - 12h

Ninja Homer

  • Steer the Mob in Wise Directions - 8h
  • Twirl Whacking Stick - 12h
  • Polish Stick for Whacking - 24h



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