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Wolfcastle's Mansion

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B-List Celebrities

I just had a nightmare that my every action was controlled by a nerd.
―Wolfcastle's unlock message.

Rainier Wolfcastle is a Level 31 character in the B-List Celebrities character collection. He is unlocked upon completion of Wolfcastle's Mansion. He has one premium costume, which is McBain.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle is an Austrian-accented, musclebound action movie star and a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wolfcastle is a veteran of many action movies, most notably the McBain series. Wolfcastle began his acting career as early as childhood in Austria, appearing on long TV commercials advertising bratwurst. He owns a Ferrari F40 and a Hummer H1. He is married to Maria Wolfcastle and has one daughter, Greta.


Job name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Appear on a Talkshow Cash70 XP17  60m Channel 6 Nope
Exercise Cash175 XP45  4h Check
Pose Cash275 XP70 8h Check
Shoot Action Footage Cash420 XP100 12h Channel 6 Nope
Promote Planet Hype Cash500 XP125 16h Planet Hype Nope
Relax In His Mansion Cash600 XP150  24h Wolfcastle's Mansion Nope
Go In for a Closer Inspection his Laces Cash750 XP200  1d 12h Check

Other JobsEdit

Job name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Shoot Show at Cletus's Farm Cash420 XP100 12h Cletus's Farm Nope
Shoot Show At El Chemistri Cash420 XP100 12h El Chemistri Nope
Shoot Show At Pimento Grove Cash420 XP100 12h Pimento Grove Nope


When selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
"That is hurting me!" "I'm not listening to your flabby mouth any longer!" "I'll be back... here... waiting..."
"No autographs!" "I would love to sign authographs for you... in bed." "Baby!"
"Stupid paparazzi!" "Laughing time is over!"
"Stop your puny attack!"


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