Penny-Wiseguys Promotional

Tasks Available

Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss


Fat Tony







Release Date

November 13, 2012

The Penny-Wiseguys Promotional was a limited time task series that was released to promote the Simpsons episode "Penny-Wiseguys".

Storyline SummaryEdit

Taking place just before Penny-Wiseguys, Fat Tony arrives in Springfield to 'lay low'. He then acquires the 'essentials of life', consisting of pasta, sauce, a checkered napkin and a sleeveless t-shirt from the Kwik-E-Mart. Afterwards, he then decided to hide in the Brown House. Ironically, Homer at the same time, also decides to enter the Brown House to watch TV. Fat Tony then convinces Homer that he is innocent, and they both watch TV together.

Afterwards, Fat Tony explains his situation to Homer, and ask for him to find a better place for him to hide, considering the popularity of the Brown House. Homer takes Fat Tony in and hides him in the Simpson House's basement. Lisa then inquires about Fat Tony's presence, and requests that Homer take him out somewhere to eat, away from the house. After Lisa leaves, Homer takes Fat Tony out to Krusty Burger.


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