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Our top story: I'm still alive! Details at eleven.
―Brockman's unlock message.

Kent Brockman is the news anchor for Channel 6 News. He is unlocked upon the construction of Channel 6, which was recommended by Mayor Quimby in order to provide false information to the public so that he would later resolve in order to gain voters.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Kent Brockman is a local TV news 'personality' for Channel 6. He hosts the Channel 6 weekday news (Scott Christian is the weekend news anchor and Kent's fill-in) as well as Smartline, a local current affairs show, and also Eye on Springfield, which focuses mostly on Springfield's entertainment news. He also is a failed musician who toys with the idea of being a math teacher.

  • Read the full article here at Simpsons Wiki.


Job name Income Experience Time Requires
Check Wikipedia Page Cash17 XP10m Channel 6
Relax Cash70 XP17  60m Lawn Chair
Play Poker with Krusty Cash110 XP27  2h Springfield Downs
Create a Viewtube Video Cash200 XP45  4h Brown House
Record Bite Back with Kent Brockman Cash275 XP70  8h Channel 6
Record Eye on Springfield Cash400 XP100  12h Channel 6
Do An Undercover Report Cash600 XP150  24h

Other JobsEdit

Job name Income Experience Time Requires Type
Dine at the Truffle Cash110 XP27 2h Gilded Truffle Single Use
Dine at El Chemistri Cash110 XP27 2h El Chemistri Single Use


When selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
'Don't touch me, please.' 'Let's do it! But if I chip a nail... I sue.' 'For once I feel as good as I look!'
'Aaahh!' 'This humble reporter is ready to kick in some heads!' 'I make the news!'
'Newsflash; I'm not speaking to you!' 'I'm mad as hell!'
'You nailed me!' 'I'll...erm...I'll do that.'


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