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My kid plays this game. Hi, Jason!
―Kearney's unlock message.

Kearney Zzyzwicz is a premium character in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. He costs 60 donuts and is in the Toughies collection. He has 7 jobs in total, and earns 50% more cash and XP for all of them.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Kearney Zzyzwicz (pronounced "jeez-wich") is one of the school bullies of Springfield Elementary, with Nelson Muntz, Dolph Starbeam, Jimbo Jones, and the Weasels. He appears to be the ugliest and toughest of the bullies but is quite the opposite, and is very easily distracted. He is of Polish descent. He is a 6th grader.

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Name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Dump Spoiled Coleswaw in Van Houten House Cash26 XP7 10m Van Houten House Nope
Shoplift From the Kwik-E-Mart Cash60 XP15 30m Kwik-E-Mart Nope
Give a Pink Belly Cash105 XP26 60m Springfield Elementary Nope
Dance a Jig Cash260 XP70 4h Check
Use Fake ID at Moe's Cash420 XP105 8h Moe's Tavern Nope
Counseling With the Ex-Wife Cash600 XP150 12h First Church of Springfield Nope

Take Son for the Night

Cash1000 XP225 24h Brown House Nope

Krustyland JobsEdit

Name Income Experience Time Requires
Ride the Death Drop Krustylandticket18 XP15 30m Death Drop
Visit Duff Pavilion Krustylandticket31 XP26 60m Duff Pavillion
Ride Radioactive Man Ride Krustylandticket78 XP70 4h Radioactive Man: The Ride
Tour The Haunted Condo Krustylandticket126 XP105 8h Krusty's Haunted Condo
Ride Scratchy's Flea Dipper Krustylandticket180 XP150 12h Scratchy's Flea Dipper
Ride the Tooth Chipper Krustylandticket300 XP225 24h The Tooth Chipper
Ride Mount Krustmore Krustylandticket300 XP225 24h Mt. Krustmore


  • Kearney is the only character with jobs in the game to have 1 visual task. All other tasks he performs takes place indoors.


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