Mayor Joe Quimby



Level required


Unlocked at

Town Hall

Number of Jobs


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Civil Servants

Voiced by

Dan Castellaneta

Can I count on your vote come November?
―Quimby's unlock message.

Mayor Joe Quimby or Mayor Quimby is the current Mayor of Springfield and is unlocked with the Town Hall. He is the second of two characters in the Civil Servants Character Collection following Police Chief Wiggum who unlocks with the Police Station. Mayor Quimby is also shown to have a romantic interest in Miss Springfield; as is shown in the quest chain A Model Life.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Joseph Fitzgerald O'Malley Fitzpatrick O'Donnell the Edge "Joe" Quimby, a.k.a. "Diamond Joe," or simply Mayor Quimby is the Mayor of Springfield, Springfield's State. He appears as a slick, opportunistic politician whose chief priorities seem to be keeping himself in office, womanizing, and various other forms of corruption, including embezzling tax money, taking bribes from Fat Tony, the local Mafia Don, and giving monthly kickbacks to Police Chief Wiggum. The seal on the wall of his office reads "Corruptus in Extremis," which means "extremely corrupt."

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Name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Go for a Checkup Cash15 XP5 10m Hibbert Family Practice Nope
Nap In The Brown House Cash40 XP10 30m Brown House Nope
Give A Speech Cash70 XP17 60m Town Hall
Collect Bribes Cash175 XP45 4h Springfield Downs Nope
Deliver Kickbacks Cash275 XP70 8h Police Station
Write Book On Ethics Cash420 XP100 12h Town Hall Nope
Embezzle Money Cash600 XP150 24h


When Selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
"Vote Quimby!" "Yes" "Task completed!"
"Vote Quimby..." "The people have spoken!" "Yaaaaaaay!"
"Vote Quimby- a lot!" "Aww..." "That's a fine job doin'!"


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