Groundskeeper Willie



Level required


Unlocked at

Willie's Shack

Number of Jobs

5 default, 6 total

Premium character?



School Workers

Voiced by

Dan Castellaneta

Argh! Forget about Willie eh?
―Willie's unlock message.

Groundskeeper Wille is character unlocked after building Willie's Shack. He is the Scottish groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Dr. William "Willie" MacDougal, also known as G.K. Willington Esquoire, and William MacMoran is the groundskeeper and janitor of Springfield Elementary School. Originally from Kirkwall, in Scotland, Willie's job is to supervise the children of the School during recess, and clean the halls. He is recognizable with his red hair and thick Scottish accent. He is often either a formidable enemy or an invaluable ally to Bart and Lisa Simpson. Willie was born in Scotland.

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Job Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Play The Bagpipes Cash70 XP17 60m Check
Work On Manifesto Cash175 XP45 4h Willie's Shack Nope
Haggis Time! Cash275 XP75 8h Willie's Shack Nope
Rake Leaves Cash420 XP100 12h Willie's Shack Check
Wax the Floors Cash600 XP150 24h Springfield Elementary Nope

Other JobsEdit

Job Income Experience Time Requires Type Visual?
Inject Himself with Snake Venom Snakes5 XP100 12h Willie's Shack Limited Time Nope


When Selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
"Acch." "Ooh, Willy likes that!" "That's a job well done!"


"Oh, its great!" "Oh!"




"I'd rather clean up puke!"



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