First Church of Springfield
Church 2



Level Required


Characters Unlocked

Rev. Lovejoy


Cash200, XP20

Collection Time

12 hours



Building Time

24 hours


The Passion of Flanders Pt.1


Collection Plate

The First Church of Springfield is the infamous Church of Springfield. Upon its construction, Reverend Lovejoy is unlocked. A significant portion of the characters in The Simpsons: Tapped Out have jobs that allow them to go to the Church, the majority of them being 12 hour ones.


Like any Church, it offers religious services, as well as Sunday mass, which most Springfieldians attend. Other services are provided by the Church, such as help lines, marriage retreats and a thrift store.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Homer Simpson

  • Attend Church - 12h

Lisa Simpson

  • Go to Sunday School - 12h

Ned Flanders

  • Attend Church - 12h

Milhouse Van Houten

  • Go to Sunday School - 12h

Bart Simpson

  • Go to Sunday School - 12h

Marge Simpson

  • Attend Church - 12h

Reverend Lovejoy

  • Give a Sermon - 12h
  • Counsel Couples - 24h

Clancy Wiggum

  • Attend Church - 12h

Barney Gumble

  • Attend AA Meeting - 1h


  • Hustle at Bingo - 4h

Sea Captain

  • Pray to Poseidon - 12h

Waylon Smithers

  • Attend AA Meeting - 1h (Single Use)

Rod Flanders

  • Go to Sunday School - 12h

Todd Flanders

  • Go to Sunday School - 12h


  • During the Krabappel task series, Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse are all forced to Go to Sunday School at the Church. At this point Bart inquires why Sunday School is twice as long as regular school, referring to the fact that all standard Church jobs are 12 hours long, whilst the standard Go to School jobs are 6 hours long.


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