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Experience or XP (XP) is a way of rewarding players for their progress and evolution in-game. Purchasing buildings, decorations, completing quests and unlocking characters are all possible ways to earn experience. When enough experience is obtained, the player moves onto a new level and the experience bar is reset.

Levels are certain tiers of experience that, when achieved, unlock new content such as buildings, decorations, and quests, as well as certain jobs. The player is also rewarded with Donut(s), as well as a comment or quote from a character, usually directed at the player.

The table below provides information on each level. As of January  2014, the current level cap is Level 38. Additionally, when the player reaches the level cap, they may continue earning experience to reach Bonus Levels for a chance to win 1-3 Donuts. The last 5 levels have a multiplier that affects the costs of buildings and experience earnt. In late February 2014 with the removal of the Valentine's Day 2014 Event, a new experience system was introduced. To increase their Friend level, the player must collect Friend Points (as opposed to experience), and as they increase their Friend level, they unlock more exclusive prizes. Also, when the player moved up a Friend level, the amount of Money they earn when performing actions in friends' Springfields increases by $2. So far, there are 6 of these levels available, and 5 prizes.

List of levelsEdit

Level XP For Next Level Message Donuts awarded Buildings unlocked Release date
1 XP40 Donuts0 Simpson House, most premium buildings Initial launch
2 XP75 "Wow, you put the house down where it told you to." - Bart Donuts1 Kwik-E-Mart Initial launch
3 XP85 "You have been reincarnated to the next level. Thank you, tap again." - Apu Donuts1 Brown House, Frink's Lab Initial launch
4 XP120 "Woo-hoo! I bet leveling up is always gonna be this easy." - Homer Donuts1 Flanders House Initial launch
5 XP250 "It's always level 5 somewhere!" - Barney Donuts1 Cletus's Farm Initial launch
6 XP800 "Excellent! You should celebrate by buying donuts with your money." Mr. Burns Donuts1 Purple House Initial launch
7 XP1800 "That's some fine grinding." Wiggum Donuts1 Krusty Burger Initial launch
8 XP3200 "Now that's a spicy accomplishment!" Luigi Donuts1 Van Houten House, Pink House Initial launch
9 XP5000 "If life were a game, leveling up would be birthdays. Happy birthday!" Lisa Donuts1 Springfield Elementary , White House Initial launch
10 XP8000 "Is it me, or do these levels seem to be taking longer and longer?" Otto Donuts1 Gulp 'N' Blow , Willie's Shack Initial launch
11 XP12000 "All that for two freakin' donuts?!" Krusty Donuts2 Cooling Towers , Reactor Core , Control Building Initial launch
12 XP15500 "I take it you don't have a family or anything." - Marge Donuts1 Kwik-E-Mart (2nd), Bart's Treehouse, Springfield Library,Kamp Krusty Initial launch
13 XP18000 "Congratulations. That was a difficult but insignificant level." - Skinner Donuts2

Android's DungeonOrange House

Initial launch
14 XP22000 "Arr! Ye must be playing this on a long sea voyage." - Captain McCallister Donuts1 First Church of Springfield, The Java Server Initial launch
15 XP23000 "For he's a jolly good fellow! He's at level one-five." - Lenny and Carl Donuts1 Moe's Tavern, Jake's Unisex Hair Palace Initial launch
16 XP25000 "Worst. Level. Ever." - Comic Book Guy Donuts1 Springfield Downs, The Gilded Truffle Initial launch
17 XP25000 "This game is a lot like life. It stops being fun after a while, but you gotta keep doing it." Grampa Donuts2 King Toot's, Police Station Initial launch
18 XP28000 "Man, I'd have quit this game long ago... and I got nothing better to do." Moe Donuts1 Skip's Diner, Luigi's Initial launch
19 XP34215 "You're still playing? You should get a girlfriend... or a rake." Willie Donuts1 Springfield Penitentiary, Retirement Castle Initial launch
20 XP36400 "You've played further into this game than we thought anyone would." - Frink Donuts1 Town Hall Initial launch
21 XP44225 "This just in, new content has been added so you don't have to get a life." - Kent Donuts1 Muntz House September 21, 2012
22 XP58720 "Haw-haw, you just wasted months of your life." - Nelson Donuts1 Krabappel Apartment October 3, 2012
23 XP62310 "Even my Elven Mage isn't level 23! I am green with envy." Martin Donuts1 Channel 6, Post Office November 5, 2012
24 XP99120 "You're suffering from video game addiction. Gain two levels and call me in the morning." - Dr. Hibbert Donuts2 Hibbert Family Practice, Springfield General Hospital  December 5, 2012


"Duffman has no idea why you're still playing this game. Oh yeah!" - Duffman Donuts1 Burns Manor, Pimento Grove January 10, 2013


"Keep it up. Playing this much of a game is SO attractive to the opposite sex." - Mrs. Krabappel Donuts1 Wiggum House, El Chemistri February 14,  2013


"Level 27 humans win a free trip to Rigel IV for a unique dining experience." - Kang Donuts2 Springfield Buddhist TempleAdult Education Annex March 21, 2013


"Daddy says we're not allowed to stay up past level 28." - Rod and Todd Donuts1 Businessman's Social Club, Fat Tony's Compound April 18, 2013
29 XP130920 "You've been playing this game a long time now. I respect that." - Fat Tony Donuts1 Skinner House May 10, 2013
30 XP138000 "There ain't no number this high in hillbilly math."  Cletus Donuts1 Herman's Military Antiques, Zesty's May 31, 2013
31 XP145320 "Ay! Este level es loco!"  Bumblebee Man Donuts2 Wolfcastle's Mansion, All Night Gym, Film Set July 15, 2013
32 XP152880 "Yeehaw! Time to take this game to the next level!" - The Rich Texan Donuts1 Calmwood Mental HospitalSir Putt-A-Lot's July 25, 2013
33 XP160680 "Hi everybody! Great news! Playing this game so much makes your brain – how you say? Never mind, your brain could not say it anyway!" Dr. Nick Donuts1 Springfield Wax Museum August 15, 2013
34 XP168720 "Congratulations, you got Level Up! Don't forget to stay out of west side." - Cookie Kwan Donuts2 Springfield High School, Springfield Knowledgeum August 29, 2013
35 XP177000 "Look at you, moving up! Don't forget ol' Gil! Seriously! Throw down a rope!" - Gil Donuts2 Spinster City Apartments, DMV September 12, 2013
36 XP185520 "Remember, you wait for things to finish building and THEN you smash them." - Kearney Donuts2 Museum of Natural History, Noise Land Video Arcade October 23, 2013
37 XP194280 "Taking over the world - one level at a time." - Hank Scorpio Donuts2 Bachelor Arms Apartments, Office of Unemployment November 7, 2013
38 XP203280 "I'm at Level 38! This is way more rewarding than having a family!" - Lindsey Naegle Donuts2 Springfield Grocery Store, Court House January 16, 2014
39 XP Donuts2 February 2014

Level-up messagesEdit


  • As the Player moves through the bonus levels, the XP required to reach the next bonus level will increase until the Player is on a bonus level that requires 10,000,000 XP to level up. At that point the amount of XP to level up will remain at 10,000,000 until EA brings the next level out.