Cool Brown House



Level unlocked

Level 5

Characters unlocked



Cash90, XP10

Waiting time

4 hours



Time to build

4 hours

The Cool Brown House was the only building to be released with The Day the Earth Stood Cool Promotional Event. It was free to purchase.


The Cool Brown House was introduced into The Simpsons in the episode "The Day the Earth Stood Cool". It replaced the original Brown House in the episode, as the Simpson's new neighbors moved in and redesigned it. Since that episode, the brown house has not been seen, so whether the house design change is canon or not is yet to be revealed. As well as the brown house being converted 'Cool' in this episode, multiple other houses are seen to have also been changed at the ending shot of the episode.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Cool Homer

  • Enjoy A Duff Blue Ribbon - 8h
  • Listen To Indie Rock - 10h
  • Screen Mumblecore Films - 12h

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