Cletus's Farm



Level Required


Characters Unlocked






Building Time

1 hour

Cletus's Farm is a unique building. With it, the player may plant crops using money, which then, after they grow, will reward the player with greater money (except Weeds), as well as experience. However, the crops will expire if not collected after a certain period of time. At this point, the crop will award nothing. However, your neighbors have the ability to revive your crops when they visit your Springfield.


Cletus's Farm is currently the residence of Cletus and Brandine Spuckler. It is located near the forest near the Springfield Sign in Springfield and holds all 12 of his children and his wife.


Image Crop Cost Income Experience Time Expires*
Weedsu Weeds Cash1 Cash0 XP45s 45s
Perfectionu Perfection Cash2 Cash10 XP45s 3s
Tomaccou Tomacco Cash15 Cash75 XP20  60m 24h
Silvertongueu Silvertongue Cash55 Cash275 XP75  8h 24h
Triffidsu Triffids Cash80 Cash0 XP250  12h 24h
Moonshineu Moonshine Cash150 Cash600 XP150  24h 24h
Cornu Corn. Actual Corn Cash9000 Cash45000 XP9000  90d 7d

*The amount of time between when the crop is finished and when the crop expires.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Cletus Spuckler

  • De-louse the Young-uns - 4h
  • Help Brandine Give Birth to Another Spuckler - 8h
  • Brew Moonshine - 24h

Marge the Witch

  • Speed Up a Crop - 4h (Need to have a planted crop; decreases growing time by 4 hours)




  • Weeds are considered a joke crop, as they reward the player with nothing and only cost a dollar to plant.
  • The reward for triffids is listed as 'End of Humanity'. The crop actually instead rewards you with $0, 250 XP.
  • The time for corn to grow is three months, or 90 days. This is how long corn takes to grow in real life.
  • When the game first came out, it was possible to own more than one farm. Level 20 Other Springfield still has 2.
  • This building acts like a character as it has crops that take different lengths of time to grow and earn different amounts of money however, unlike tasks, crops cost money to grow.

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