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24 hours


Western Civilization 101

Channel 6 is the studio that airs Channel 6 News hosted by Kent Brockman. The building is much like a high-level Cletus's Farm. Money is paid to broadcast a program, which then, when completed, will reward the player with significantly more money than what was originally paid. However, unlike the farm's crops, Channel 6's programs do not expire. However, at the same time, three of Channel 6's programs require premium items or characters to unlock.


Channel 6 is Springfield's most popular television channel, and is located adjacent to Krustylu Studios. The channel presents numerous news and information programs, as well as the Krusty the Clown show.


Image Broadcast name Cost Income Experience Time Requires
Weather Weather Report Cash180 Cash400 XP90  60m Weather Station
Live Live News Report Cash670 Cash1500 XP350  4h Channel 6 News Van
Cale Regular Programming Cash670 Cash1500 XP400  8h
Worldwide Worldwide News  Cash1600 Cash3500 XP750  12h Worldwide Broadcast Dish
Ch6 Channel 6 News Cash1200 Cash2750 XP700  16h
Cho Channel Ocho Cash2200 Cash5000 XP1250  24h Bumblebee Man

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Kent Brockman

  • Check Wikipedia Page - 10m
  • Record Bite Back with Kent Brockman - 8h
  • Record Eye on Springfield - 12h

Bumblebee Man

  • Whoa es me! - 10m
  • Fill in as News Anchor - 8h
  • Acto en Show El Channel Ocho - 24h

Rainier Wolfcastle

  •  Appear on a Talkshow-60m
  • Shoot Action Footage-12h



  • Although the program 'Worldwide News' takes 4 hours less than the program 'Channel 6 News', it actually gives a higher payout. This is most likely because Worldwide News requires the Worldwide Broadcast Dish, which is a premium item.
  • The Live News Report takes 4 hours to make a profit of $830. Considering this, you can skip the time for 2 donuts effectively paying out 2 donuts for $830. This works out a lot cheaper than converting donuts to cash directly from the store if this is repeated.
  • The program 'Worldwide News' is actually spelt wrong in game, as it will display as 'Wordwide News', therefore missing out the 'l' in Worldwide.

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