Carl Carlson



Level required


Unlocked at

Springfield Buddhist Temple

Number of Jobs

6 default, 9 total

Premium character?



Plant Workers

This reminds me of my Icelandic boyhood.
―Carl's unlock message.

Carl Carlson is a character in the Plant Workers collection who comes with the Springfield Buddhist Temple. He is Lenny's best friend; and Lenny is also unlocked with the Springfield Buddhist Temple.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Carlton "Carl" Carlson MPhys or "the black one" (as referred to by Homer Simpson as a simpler way of remembering who he is) is a safety operations supervisor from the sector 7G of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where he works alongside his childhoood friends Lenny and Homer. Carl is a self-restrained organized (although not maniac about it, like was Frank Grimes) employee and likes to call himself "an urban Lenny". It was in fact hinted to in the series that him and Lenny could actually be more than just friends. Carl also attended Springfield A&M University. Mr Burns once implied that he was a war hero.

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Name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Date Lenny's Sister Cash70 XP17 60m The Gilded Truffle Nope
Meditate Cash225 XP55 4h Springfield Buddhist Temple Nope
Drink at Moe's Cash275 XP70 8h Moe's Tavern Nope
Pogo Cash420 XP100 12h Check
Plant Shift Cash500 XP125 16h Control Building Nope
Honour His Icelandic Heritage Cash600 XP150 24h Check

Other JobsEdit

Name Income Experience Time Requires Type
Go For Dinner at the Burns Manor Cash110 XP28 2h Burns Manor Single Use
Dine at the Truffle Cash110 XP28 2h Gilded Truffle Single Use
Dine at El Chemistri Cash110 XP28 2h El Chemistri Single Use


When selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
'If you messed up my hair-!' 'Ah, rats!' 'If I spend enough time at Moe's, I'm pretty sure good things will happen.'
'Hey- is this about Lenny?' 'Consider it done- You're talking to Carl here!' 'I did it for you, Lenny!'
'You caught me in a punching kind of mood!' 'Things like this won't happen when Obama's president!'
'Uh, if Lenny asks, you didn't see me.' 'Carl is in the house!'


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