Businessman's Social Club
Businessman's Social Club



Level Required


Characters Unlocked

Fat Tony (if not previously obtained from the Penny-Wiseguys Promotional)


Cash175, XP26

Collection Time

10 hours



Building Time

24 hours


Legitimate Business


Not Conducting Legitimate Business

The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club or simply the Businessman's Social Club is an apartment block in which Fat Tony, Legs, Louie and the rest of the Springfield Mafia gather together and hold meetings in. Upon building the Businessman's Social Club, the player will unlock Fat Tony. The player will only get Fat Tony if they missed out on the Penny-Wiseguys Promotional in November 2012, in which he was given out for free.


The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club is the headquarters of the Springfield Mafia. The club is located in the basement of a building, and Bart Simpson  was briefly employed there as a bartender. While employed as a bartender, Bart made what Fat Tony  described as one of the best Manhattan cocktails, which landed Fat Tony in hot water when Bart did not show up for work on a day Fat Tony had invited a rival mafia Don to try one of Bart's Manhattans (Bart received Detention that day, and thus was unable to make it). It was also used when making "business dealings" with Mayor Quimby, including the distribution of Rat's milk to the schools.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Fat Tony

  • Take a Legitimate Business Meeting - 30m


  • Play Poker - 24h


  • Play Poker - 24h


  • Serve Manhattans-24h(single use)

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