Brown House
Brown House Final



Level unlocked


Characters unlocked



Cash6, XP1

Waiting time

5 minutes



Time to build

12 seconds


The New Evergreen Terrace, Pt. 2

The Brown House is the second home to be built in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is mandatory to be built in order to complete the tutorial, (The New Evergreen Terrace).


The Brown House is a somewhat mysterious building. A noticeable amount of the game's character have at least one job that involves the house. According to Homer there is a 3D TV and glasses his size inside.

The house itself is actually canon- residing at 740 Evergreen Terrace, located to the right of the Simpson House as opposed to the Flanders House. Several different characters have lived inside the house at some point in time.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Homer Simpson

  • Break into Brown House and Watch TV - 3m

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

  • Relax in the Brown House - 6h

Cletus Spuckler

  • Harvest Copper Wire in the Brown House - 3h

Bart Simpson

  • Paintball in the Brown House - 2h

Milhouse Vanhouten

  • Paintball in the Brown House - 2h

Joe Quimby

  • "Nap" in the Brown House - 30m

Kent Brockman

  • Create a Viewtube Video - 4h

Fat Tony

  • Hole Up in the Brown House - 3m

Otto Mann

  • Squat in the Brown House - 24h

Kearney Zzyzwicz

  • Take Son for the Night - 24h


  • Paintball In The Brown House - 2h
  • Seek Innapropriate Love - 24h

Mr. Plow (Homer Simpson Character)

  • Break Into the Brown House to Watch his Commercial - 1h

Mayan Homer (Homer Simpson Character)

  • Human Sacrafice in the Brown House - 12h




  • An abnormally large portion of the game's characters have jobs that take place in the Brown House.

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